Themed Birthday Parties

Dodge Ball


Our Dodge ball package is packed with super fun dodge ball games, activities and exciting learning opportunities.  We provide the dodge balls.



Our ninja package includes warm ups, games, obstacles, safe ninja weapons training in sword, nunchaku, and ninja stars.  We provide the loaner weapons or bring your own.  Your child gets to cut the cake with a real ninja sword! 

Rogue Saber


Rogue saber package includes warm ups,  games, obstacles, and safe weapons training.  Your little ones train in shock sabers, shock staff, and laser tonfa. We provide foam sabers or bring your own.  Your young one gets to cut the cake with a real ninja sword!

Nerf Blaster


Our Nerf package includes warm ups, squad training, weapons safety and games.  We provide Nerf brand blasters or bring your own. Kids team up and go team on team, humans vs zombies, capture the flag and more.