Karate, or Empty Hand, was developed as a way to defend oneself without weapons. Karate has a long list of benefits, some of which include better health, well being, self confidence, endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength and lower stress.  Karate can benefit everyone, regardless of their age, gender, build, physical ability or limitations. 

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Themed Birthday Parties


  Train as “Sensei for a Day”, go through karate warm-ups, blocking, striking and kicking drills, nunchaku lesson and karate games led by Sensei Bilek.The themed parties are Nerf blaster, Rogue training, Ninja, Light Saber, Karate and many more. Call (317) 228-1872

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Little Dragon Program


Little Dragons accepting students ages 3-6 years old. The main skills we tackle for little dragons are self-control, discipline, respect, focus, balance, teamwork, fitness, coordination, and flexibility.

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Aikido Training


Interested in broadening your martial arts? Classes held here Saturday's 10 AM to 12 PM and Sunday's 5 PM to 7 PM. Call (317) 657-8916 or visit Specials available for Phoenix Rising Karate students and family members. Discounts for: Veterans, Armed Forces, Police, and Fire.

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Meditative Movement


This is a gentle meditative movement class that focuses on balance, breathing, joint mobility and fall prevention. Beginner level ability that can be done standing, with a cane or walker, seated, or wheelchair bound. Available in group and private lessons. 

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