Little Dragons

This class is appropriate for students aged 3-6 years old. The main skills we tackle for little dragons are self-control, discipline, respect, focus, balance, teamwork, fitness, coordination, and flexibility.


In beginner class we work on fundamentals such as self-control, discipline, respect, focus, kicks, punches, light self-defense, and stances.


In intermediate class we work on Kata, self-defense, sparring with pads, falls, patterns, improving all forms. 


In advanced class we work on higher level kata, bunkai, throws, take downs, leg locks, arm bars, wrist locks, sparring, and ground techniques. 

Black Belt

In black belt class we work on everything that is needed to move you to your next black belt level. As a black belt you will also teach fellow karate ka and help with other dojo related activities.


In weapons class we work on all traditional form kata, basics of weapon manipulation, pinan kata, and free exercise.

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