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Welcome to Phoenix Rising Karate in Indianapolis, IN

Welcome to Phoenix Rising Karate in Indianapolis, INWelcome to Phoenix Rising Karate in Indianapolis, INWelcome to Phoenix Rising Karate in Indianapolis, IN

About Us


Qualified Instructors

Qualified Instructors

Qualified Instructors

Here at Phoenix Rising Karate the head instructor is Sensei Robert Bilek. Our qualified instructors have years of experience training children and adults.


Our Philosophy

Qualified Instructors

Qualified Instructors

 We at Phoenix Rising Karate believe that the martial arts can make a positive difference in everyone's lives, regardless of age, sex, gender, size, ability or disability.  We focus on self control, courtesy, self confidence, and mutual respect for ourselves and others. 


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Qualified Instructors

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Lou Combs "Thank you Robert!!"

Robert is a wonderful teacher and I am thoroughly enjoying his Tai Chi class.The movements are gentle enough to not give me pain from my arthritis and I think this will help with some of my balance issues. Thank you Robert!!

Jennifer Yumibe "Sensei Bilek is an EXCELLENT Teacher!"

Sensei Bilek is an EXCELLENT Teacher! He is extremely knowledgeable about Karate and has a wide experience in the martial arts. He knows how to present the material and has a keen eye for what will improve a technique. He explains things well  and is positive and encouraging. I have become a much better martial artist working with him.  

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Phoenix Rising Karate

4243 West 96th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268, United States

(317) 228-1872


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